March 2020


A common question is asked by the BMW users. The question is ‘’What BMW engine oil do
you use?’’ As you have invested a huge amount to your car, likewise you should use the best
BMW engine oil. So, make sure you use them correctly to achieve the best results. The BMW
which is a phenomenon of the German Engineering has designed its engine parts using the
unique metal alloys with strict tolerance.

 The complex systems in the BMW have being infamous hydraulic lifters, therefore it must be lubricated with the exact oil, to have great performance. Unfortunately, if you use an oil which is not certified for the BMW, your car might have to face long term damage. So be wise when selecting a proper BMW Engine oil. Also if any oil container is certified and approved by the BMW, you can also use it.

Just try and do a simple search on the BMW engine oils, then you will meet several quality oils. Meanwhile, if an oil rating is standard and being specified in the owner’s manual, you can also use that.
So the message from all of the above information is obvious, it says to use a proper engine oil that is certified to your vehicle to have great performance.

The top 6 certified BMW engine oil

  • Pennzoil (Shell) Platinum Euro 5W-30
  • Liqui Moly Leichtlauf High Tech 5W-40
  • Motul 8100 X-CESS 5W -40
  • Castrol EDGE OW-30 A3/B4
  • Pentosin Pento High Performance 5W-30
  • BMW Twin Power Turbo 5W-30

What oil is recommended for BMW?

There is a set of oil brands and types for the BMW which is safe to use in the vehicles. The type of oil you use affects the vehicle’s year and class, and also the climate which you live in. An AP rating of a SM or higher engine oil level should be consisted in the BMW Oil. So, make sure to use these following BMW recommended oil. Oil for BMW Passenger Vehicles and SAVs are Castrol Syntec European Formula SAE OW-30 and Valvoline SynPower SAE 5W-30.

Furthermore a variety of Castrol engine oils are recommended for the BMW M Series Vehicles equipped with S85, S65, S62, and S54 engines as Castrol TWS Motorsport SAE 10W-60 Synthetic engine oil and the oil for the BMW B& ALPINA are BMW High Performance SAE %W-30m Synthetic Oil and the Castro Syntec European Formula SAE OW-30 Synthetic Oil.  All the Castrol motor oils are refined and distilled which keeps you safe from the respiratory conditions from any smells or fumes that are emitted from the oil.

The Castrol oil reduces the engine wear by extending the life and diminishes the friction between the engine parts and allows it to move fluently to the engine. The benefits of the oil are, it keeps the engine cool, synthetic, odour and smell free and has a cleansing agent. The protective layer of the Castrol Engine Oil leaves the engine parts 4 times smoother than usual. It reduces the consequent minimal engine wear. The oil is formulated with different synthetic oils with certain molecules that support the engine parts of all the driving conditions.

The advantages of the Castrol Engine oils are it is leakage free, heat and cold resistant, the excellent viscosity control delivers an instant start to all the temperatures, recyclable and for the dirty engines it provides a cleaning power. The disadvantage in the Castrol Engine oil is it might not be suitable for the tough winter. The Castrol engine oil saves your money by extending your engine performance. You are able to run the engine for up to 15000 miles by affording this oil, moreover you do not need to change the oil.

BMW! So far, none other car can beat its super qualities. The Ultimate driving machine which is more than 34 years old has come up a long way. As you are a part of this profound BMW generation, you must be keen on its wants. To continue your life with the BMW, you will need some special requirements such as warranties. Possession of a BMW Extended Warranty is beneficial. Do you why is that? There is a 7 year warranty period for your BMW car. 

What is a BMW Extended Warranty?

A BMW Extended Warranty is a service contract which keeps your money in the pocket without paying for the costly bills. The warranty begins when your factory or manufacturer warranty expires. You might have spent up to $35000 if you are an owner of a BMW.  Normally the annual cost to repair a BMW is $968. This warranty helps immensely to offset expensive repairs. Anyhow if the warranty is covered with more components and systems the cost is higher. But the monthly payment does not disturb your mind, it will give you a sense of peacefulness. At the same time, it will cost you around $1000 to $1500 if you buy the extended warranty from a manufacturer

Difference between the Extended Warranty and Factory Warranty

You will get a Factory warranty when you buy a BMW from a dealership. So, once the factory warranty becomes expired you can buy an extended warranty. In North America and several other third party companies, they offer this Extended Warranty.

 BMW Extended Warranty information

The BMW Extended Warranty is a Service Contract. The warranty period consists up to 7 years. All the repairs are done by the BMW technicians by making use of the BMW replacement parts. There are 3 kinds of vehicle protection plan options such as Platinum, Gold and Powertrain Plus. Most probably the Platinum is the best. The Platinum Coverage Options include used, new and CPO BMW’s, final drive assembly, cooling system, electrical, steering, induction system, brakes and ABS, heat and A/C infotainment system, exterior and interior coverage.

The BMW Extended Warranty also consists with the drivetrain warranty. It includes a transmission, axle, drive shafts and the wheels. But it does not include the engine.

Generally, the warranty covers a bumper to bumper protection which lasts for 4 years or 50000 miles. It is also known as exclusionary or comprehensive coverage, it includes the repairs for the mechanical breakdowns due to workmanships or faulty materials.

When considering about the Corrosion warranty, it covers damage to the sheet metal due to collision and rust. Moreover the BMW warranty covers tear and wear warranty, such as upholstery and brake pads, if the damage is due to the manufacturing defect or material. Tires are not included which are covered by the manufacturer of the tires.

The other type of warranty is the Federal emission warranty, it offers the coverage for emission related parts for 24000 miles or 2 years. But a very few items are covered for 80000 miles or 8 years.  In addition to that, there are some additional items such as wheel balancing, wheel alignment and wiper blade inserts are covered to the 2000 miles.

How much will it take to repair a BMW?

Basically, there is a concept that most of the luxurious cars comes with expensive repairs. Yes, that is true. BMW is the same. These are some of the common repairs a BMW faces.

Occurrence of oil leaks. This is caused by leaky valve gasket cover. It might cost $300 to $600 to replace this part. Leaking oil is a serious problem, you cannot neglect it.  As soon as you see an oil leak, you must make measures to repair it.  The replace of the heat fan and the air conditioning is also very important. So, once a trouble occurs in this air conditioner you must repair it. It will definitely cost around $400 or sometimes more than that.

The other problem is with the engine cooling system or the low coolant light turns on. So for this issue you have to add more coolants. But this can cause a water back pump leak. This costs around $900. The other replacement is the wheel hub assembly.

 When travelling if you hear a rumbling noise when turning or driving or else if your wheel bearings are worn down, you will definitely have to replace by spending an amount of $200 to $600.Mostly the parts of the BMW are interconnected, so it is very difficult to diagnose the issues.

Measures to take care of your BMW

Make it a habit to look after your BMW constantly. Wash the outside of your BMW regularly, do  not run low on gasoline, keep regular maintenance items, always be careful where and when you drive and do not forget to get an extended warranty.

Years before, you imagined about turning your smartphone to a key. Congratulations! You do not have to daydream anymore. Now it has become a reality. How amazing is it, so now you can lock or unlock your car through the smartphone. At the same time, you are also able to start the engine as well without the use if any physical key. Now you might think that the films you watched are becoming a truth. Yes, let’s lookup for all these in detail. BMW digital key allows you to turn your smartphone into a key. With the use of the BMW digital key, you can lock it unlock your car whenever you wanted through your smartphone. This feature can be connected through an app, and many BMW users would love to learn about this feature.

The BMW Group is a prominent leader in the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC). Their main target is to expand the digital access technology and make certain about the entire functionality between the manufacturers of the car and multiple devices. The secure digitalization and the interconnectedness are the latest advancements used to achieve this scope. As the Car Connectivity Consortium has joined for a number of automotive contractors, the future development of the digital key technology will definitely gain more momentum and traction. Because of that, it opens the path to attractive and pain industrial solution that works for various digital devices such as tablets, smartphones, intelligent watches and other types of wearables.

The BMW Digital key

In terms of the Second Generation of the Digital key, BMW uses the modern NFC-based technology plus a unique technical feature.  At first, this might seem simple, but before that, you have to follow some steps. 

  • Basically, the car should be fit with the Comfort Access Option.
  • Then you will need to need an account with the Connected Drive App. 
  • After that, you have to pair your phone and the car, to do that you have to place the wireless charging pad of the car.
  • By going to a nearby dealer, the key will be activated. There you need to prove that you are the sole owner of the car, therefore you are trying to use the digital key.
  • Thereafter, you will be provided with an official ID as well.
  • A four digit code will asked upon the confirmation.
  • This code can be shared by the other drivers if you want only.
  • Then the key is installed in the ConnectedDrive app.
  • After that, the key will be recognized by the on-board system of the car, and the option will be offered to use your phone as a key.

A security chip which works apart from the smartphone operating system will be used by the new virtual key. There is also a competitive advantage to use to enable the vehicle access in times which you face unexpected situations. For example, think that your phone charge becomes drastically low. So, the car will open with the help of the new digital key. This happens because of the additional security chip.

Moreover, the BMW digital key features consist of a high end, ultra-wideband (UWB), a technology of 3.0 which dramatically increases the anti-theft protection. Then, it ensures the location precisely between the vehicle and the smartphone. You do not have to keep your smartphone very close to the door handle, the car will automatically open once you get close to it.  The digital device can be kept in your pocket.