May 2020


Everyone who owns a BMW must keep in mind the BMW maintenance steps. Unless you won’t be able to use the BMW for the long-term. Actually the BMW is a treasure, and more likely to become more proud of it. Many cannot afford such a luxurious car, only a few can get a chance to feel the cool of the BMW car. As you practice good habits at such a young age, likewise your car must adhere to the BMW maintenance tips. But still, there are some people who put off the auto maintenance as it is stressful, time-consuming, and inconvenient. Because every issue regarding the car cannot be solely resolved by it, that is why mechanics are present.  More than that, there are few things that you should be aware of on the subject of BMW Maintenance tips. Let’s discover…

Let us see what the BMW Maintenance tips are

Although you keep your BMW car very safely, you will have to meet the BMW experts surely. Here I am going to discuss 5 essential car care tips for BMW maintenance.

Cooling system maintenance

As you are a profound owner of a BMW car, or should always remember to maintain the cooling system of the car.  The cooling system might cause leaks because the engine gets overheated. Therefore the radiator should be checked regularly. The BMW cooling system consists of 3 parts such as the BMW water pump, BMW hose, and the BMW thermostat. So when considering the BMW water pump, if it does not work properly you should make changes in the pump belt. The regulation of the cooling system is done with hoses, so the hoses must be fully checked at least two times a year. The BMW thermostats keeps the engine at a cool temperature. You should replace a new thermostat when you change the water.

Fluid Level Check

The fluid level check is a very important thing in the BMW Maintenance. So the regular check of the fluid level will avoid you from constant repairs which costs a lot. All the BMW cars do not have the same transmission fluid, There are automatic transmission fluid and manual transmission fluid. The fluid level of the BMW is checked through a fill plug. The location of the fill plug might differ from each and every BMW car, but the checking procedure is the same. The checking must be done while the engine is running and transmission is warm. You cannot remove the fill plug when the engine is running.  The fluid transmission must be done in 50000 -100000 miles.

Brake System Replacement

One of the most important BMW Maintenance tips is the replacement of the Brake system. You have to be concerned a lot about the brakes. When do you need to do a replacement for the brakes? That is a common question asked by many of the BMW owners. The brakes should be replaced once you have reached 50000 miles. The brake pads are made from the metal shavings (brass, graphite, steel, and copper) welded with filaments, copper flakes, and resin with porcelain or clay. A standard thickness is seen in the new pads of 10 to 12 millimeters. And the minimum thickness of the pad to be safe is 1 millimeter. Anyhow you should not wait until then. This must be replaced when you get 3 millimeters.

Jumpy pulsations and braking with the brake pedal are the best indications, and also when your foot get sinked to the floor once you step on the brakes. So these features let you know that this is the perfect time to replace your braking system. In addition to that if the brake warning light illuminates while driving it means that the brake system lacks fluid. It’s not the light which illuminates while you are parking.

Wiper blades replacement

Compared to the cost of the other parts of a BMW, the wiper blades replacement is a bit inexpensive. You will not realize whether your wiper blades have faded out, so for that, you need to replace them every 6 months. If the wiper blades are leaving residue, water, or dirt on the windshield as you swipe, it means they are not working properly. To sum up that, if the wiping blades make screeching noise or a wobbling movement then it is the time to replace a new wiper blade. So these are the 4car care tips for your BMW car. Always you must be in touch with these things. If so, you will be able to have a long life with your BMW car.