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Our site provides you all the important facts regarding the BMW. You can have a great knowledge about the whole series of BMW cars from here.

When the model of the car is being upgraded, the new facilities are displayed in an obvious manner. Year by year the new models of the BMW cars become more luxurious.

The performance parts are being introduced to you with great importance. When you are a smart owner of a BMW car, you should be aware of the parts as well. So, here we provide you a sound knowledge about the parts of the BMW car.

Andrew Cameron (Senior Editor)

Andrew Cameron
Andrew Cameron

I have been overwhelmed by the BMW series since my childhood. Fortunately, now I am a proud owner of a BMW car. Actually, it was a dream for me throughout these years. It was not as easy as you think. At first, I even dared to touch one. So, with years spent on having the intention of affording a BMW car, I gained a vast knowledge regarding them. The knowledge acquired through patience, hardworking and motivation is immeasurable.

I am in love with every series of BMW. By just having a slight look upon a BMW I can recognize the series of it.  Most probably I prefer some old type BMW’s. As I grew up with the sole aim of affording a BMW, I began to meet so many different kinds of people. Among them, there were few, who would never sell their old cars, and when I asked them why they related that they are the best and they couldn’t sell it because there are immense memories attached to the car.

Once I meet a BMW car lover, I talk and talk and talk. I see people who love BMW cars. I share my opinions with the younger ones and at the same time, I acknowledge the points which I missed so far.

Matty Whitby (Photographer)

Matty Whitby
Matty Whitby

Whenever I see a BMW car, I quickly take out the camera to capture it. All the time I see it, I feel like the car is winking at me, and my mind captivates me to capture the gesture. Still I do not know how many photos I have taken, it is that much uncountable. Now I am able to recognize every curve of a BMW because my eyes are totally enchanted towards the BMW cars. I still love the very first car which I clicked. I never knew a certain BMW would make me crazy. Therefore love the work you do, one day wishes will be fulfilled.

With the passage of time, some of the great people saw the images and they praised those. With those, I was truly inspired by the work I did. Ultimately I even got a chance to work for a certain blog of BMW. Day by day I improve myself with BMW cars. That was a great honor to work for a company which I love from the bottom of my heart. So you can contact me to get your issues clarified.