Years before, you imagined about turning your smartphone to a key. Congratulations! You do not have to daydream anymore. Now it has become a reality. How amazing is it, so now you can lock or unlock your car through the smartphone. At the same time, you are also able to start the engine as well without the use if any physical key. Now you might think that the films you watched are becoming a truth. Yes, let’s lookup for all these in detail. BMW digital key allows you to turn your smartphone into a key. With the use of the BMW digital key, you can lock it unlock your car whenever you wanted through your smartphone. This feature can be connected through an app, and many BMW users would love to learn about this feature.

The BMW Group is a prominent leader in the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC). Their main target is to expand the digital access technology and make certain about the entire functionality between the manufacturers of the car and multiple devices. The secure digitalization and the interconnectedness are the latest advancements used to achieve this scope. As the Car Connectivity Consortium has joined for a number of automotive contractors, the future development of the digital key technology will definitely gain more momentum and traction. Because of that, it opens the path to attractive and pain industrial solution that works for various digital devices such as tablets, smartphones, intelligent watches and other types of wearables.

The BMW Digital key

In terms of the Second Generation of the Digital key, BMW uses the modern NFC-based technology plus a unique technical feature.  At first, this might seem simple, but before that, you have to follow some steps. 

  • Basically, the car should be fit with the Comfort Access Option.
  • Then you will need to need an account with the Connected Drive App. 
  • After that, you have to pair your phone and the car, to do that you have to place the wireless charging pad of the car.
  • By going to a nearby dealer, the key will be activated. There you need to prove that you are the sole owner of the car, therefore you are trying to use the digital key.
  • Thereafter, you will be provided with an official ID as well.
  • A four digit code will asked upon the confirmation.
  • This code can be shared by the other drivers if you want only.
  • Then the key is installed in the ConnectedDrive app.
  • After that, the key will be recognized by the on-board system of the car, and the option will be offered to use your phone as a key.

A security chip which works apart from the smartphone operating system will be used by the new virtual key. There is also a competitive advantage to use to enable the vehicle access in times which you face unexpected situations. For example, think that your phone charge becomes drastically low. So, the car will open with the help of the new digital key. This happens because of the additional security chip.

Moreover, the BMW digital key features consist of a high end, ultra-wideband (UWB), a technology of 3.0 which dramatically increases the anti-theft protection. Then, it ensures the location precisely between the vehicle and the smartphone. You do not have to keep your smartphone very close to the door handle, the car will automatically open once you get close to it.  The digital device can be kept in your pocket.