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Leather or Leatherette seats? when buying a new vehicle

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When buying a vehicle, there are lots of things to consider. One of the main things is the seat. It should be comfortable, otherwise, you cannot travel long distances. The preference of the seat might differ from person to person. Some of the people use leather and some others use leatherette seats. High percentage of vehicle owners prefer the Leather seats, as it is convenient to you. The leatherette is a fake leather which cannot be used for many years. The cost of the leather seats are high and you might have to spend more money to replace or repair such seats. And the cost of leatherette is a low price. The respondents to the weather is a good quality present in them, it both adapts to summer and winter seasons.  The speciality on this leather seat is, it gives a high quality look to the vehicle.

Should you get Leather or Leatherette Seats?

Let us see what they are in detail. Having leather seats in your vehicle is a benefit for you. The following advantages you get through this are it can decrease the allergens in the vehicle, suit for any weather condition, comfortable, has a nice smell, simple and easy to clean the seats, hard to sustain. At the same time, it will be remarkable with the vehicles with the moon roofs and when you are going to resale it, you will have a higher price.

The disadvantages connected to the leather seats are they are much expensive to purchase, and also it can be quickly affected by various temperatures, a high cost will be spent to maintain the leather seats. Only limited colours are available to use.

Compared to the leather seats, the leatherette is half the price of leather. Anyhow, it looks like leather. Unlike the leather, it will not fade when it is in the sun. It can be cleaned very easily. The resale value is minimum. However, the leatherette will not give you much benefits like the leather.

Most of the people prefer leather seats for their vehicles. The unfortunate thing connected with this leather seat is, once you buy it the sellers often push you to buy fancy stereos, moon roof and many other features connected to it. 

How long does the Leather last? 

If you are already an owner of a leather seat vehicle you should know how to maintain it. When you are able to protect and maintain well, at least you will be able to use the seat for 10 years. When it comes to the cleaning process, it should be done thoroughly, without damaging. And after you clean you should not keep the seat in the midday sun for a long time, because the colour might fade away. Excessive cleaning is not needed but careful treatment will have a long life for the leather seats.

Moreover the leather is a natural material. It is not flammable like the other materials.  Even for your skin, the leather material is very comfortable. So, the best material for your vehicle is the leather seat.

How long does the leatherette last?

As we mentioned above, the leatherette does not last long. This is not a washable material. But if anything spills you can clean it quickly as it is washable. Actually it is a durable material. Although you take care of it, it will last before it reaches 10 years. By the way, if you travel long distances for sure you will be sweating. Because it does not support the temperature. The leatherette is also not biodegradable.

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